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Eat our spit-roasted A4, A5 ranked beef.

Enjoy every bite of our juicy beef, where you will notice it’s soft and delicate texture, while the layers of elegant fat melts within your mouth.
The cows are raised in a green rich environment in Hida by professionals with many years of experience. The farmers have provided time, sweat, love into raising their product. Enjoy this special A4, A5 ranked Hida beef, a delicacy from Gifu Prefecture.

Special food of Kondou-Shoten!! Hida beef crocket (fried mashed potatoes)

We have made crocket using plenty of Hida beef.
Of course the beef used in the delicious crocket is A4, A5 ranked Hida beef.
We Imafuji-shoten pioneered this delicious treat in Shirakawago. You will most definitely be asking for seconds!!

Special treat of Shirakawago! Doburoku style Ice cream

A new treat of Shirakawago! Shirakawago is famous for Doburoku. We are now serving this as an ice cream. Doburoku is Japanese sake which has not gone through the refining process. Please enjoy trying out our new Shirakawago Doburoku ice cream!!
FYI…the alcohol percentage is below 1%, it is a happy treat for even the designated drivers.
**Only sold during April to November.

Enjoy the scenery that Shirakawago offers, and experience the history of the Kondo-Shoten.
We offer take-aways for our special Hida beef crocket (fried mashed potatoes) and ice cream.

Why not enjoy a walk with both in hand.


Ogimachi 226
Onogun Shirakawamura, Gifu
501-5627 Japan