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World Heritage - Shirakawago Short Bread

We recommend Shirakawago Short Bread. It is a delicious short bread with a mild sweet aroma.


A traditional Japanese sweet made from delicious rice of Shirakawago.
The sweet and spicy flavor of the Mitarashi soy-sauce will crave you for seconds.

  • Dark brown Sarubobo (small) - Only sold at Shirakawago

    Dark brown Sarubobo (small) - Only sold at Shirakawago Our inspiration for a dark brown Sarubobo comes from the roofs of traditional houses that can be seen at Shirakawago. Only sold at Kondou-Shoten.

    ¥500 (tax incl.)

  • Miso sesame Furikake

    We have made Furikake (topping for white rice) using ingredients that were historically very expensive to obtain, such include, horse radish leaves, shiitake mushrooms, green onion, and sesame. All dressed together with Miso made in Shirokawa village.

    ¥600 (tax incl.)

  • Shirakawago Okazu-Miso

    The Miso is made from Soya beans that are grown in a rich environment and clean water.

    ¥500 (tax incl.)

Enjoy the scenery that Shirakawago offers, and experience the history of the Kondo-Shoten.
We offer take-aways for our special Hida beef crocket (fried mashed potatoes) and ice cream.

Why not enjoy a walk with both in hand.


Ogimachi 226
Onogun Shirakawamura, Gifu
501-5627 Japan